Neo Global Development (NGD) has announced the establishment of a long-term partnership with the University of Zurich (UZH) “to promote blockchain technology education, research, and usage throughout Europe.” As a first step, Neo will be included in an upcoming “Deep Dive into Blockchain” course offered by the UZH Blockchain Center.

UZH is the largest University in Switzerland, and spearheaded the establishment of the Blockchain Center in January 2019. The Blockchain Center was created to consolidate blockchain-based research, raise funds, structure and grow academic offerings, and serve as a regional hub of activity and innovation.

The course intends to offer a multidisciplinary curriculum that highlights the implications and potential for blockchain-based economics, technology, and law. Initially, the summer course had been planned as an immersive program to run from July 5th through the 24th, 2020. However, UZH has since closed its campus due to current travel and lodging restrictions stemming from the global coronavirus pandemic and is tentatively planning to conduct an online summer school so long as the University can approve credit hours for participating in the course.

Looking forward, NGD and UZH intend to collaborate on education seminars, data analytics, and blockchain-related scholarships.

Ultimately, Neo states, a goal of the partnership is to “[cultivate] community talents and ecosystem initiatives to achieve [the] vision of next-gen Internet.”

In 2018, NGD established an office in the Trust Square blockchain hub in Zurich, which has since been lead by NGD ecosystem growth director, Lili Zhao. Throughout its time of operation, NGD Zurich has facilitated various events such as hackathons, multi-day developer trainings, and a multitude of academic outreach. In addition to a regional office, the Neo-based developer community, neow3j, is also established in Zurich, Switzerland.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: