On Monday April 6th, Neo Global Development (NGD) Seattle lead, John deVadoss, delivered an online webinar to the .NET Developers Association of Washington. The presentation offered a broader “101 level” blockchain discussion, which was complemented by a demonstration of C# tooling available for the Neo blockchain.

The presentation began with deVadoss discussing his background with Microsoft, cloud computing platforms, and how he entered the blockchain realm. To cater to the enterprise developer-oriented audience, deVadoss highlighted companies that are currently integrating blockchain into their processes (i.e., JP Morgan, Facebook, Amazon, etc.), the broader industrial use of this technology, and growing demand for blockchain developers and uses.

deVadoss identified various use cases such as banking and settlements, supply chain tracking, digital identity, legal Ricardian contracts, and the digitizing of physical asset ownership. He highlighted the benefits blockchain provides in these scenarios, citing transparency and auditability, use of code to enable settlements, removal of intermediaries, cryptographic security foundations, and programmable rights as examples.

He concluded the presentation portion of the event by introducing the Neo blockchain. His topics of discussion included Neo’s unique delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus model, Neo as a polyglot platform for multiple languages, available developer tools, and the ecosystem’s two-token model.

Afterward, deVadoss delivered a brief demonstration of a Hello World smart contract, which the NGD Seattle team had previously released on its GitHub.

Throughout the event, participants asked questions about the Neo ecosystem regarding topics such as gaming and blockchain, development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), publishing smart contracts, and scalability.

The full video presentation runs for approximately 1:21:00 and can be found at the link below: