NEO Global Development (NGD) has released the eighth video in its LOVE NEO series, which is an on-going initiative to provide exposure to NEO-based projects. The eighth episode featured DgameMaker founder Chaoyi Qian, and was hosted by NGD associate manager Nikkor Wang and NEO development engineer Longfei Wang.

DgameMaker is a “visual blockchain game creation platform,” which allows developers to create games without prior programming experience. By offering a complete front-end, back-end, and database implementation, DgameMaker seeks to reduce barriers for traditional game developers looking to build with blockchain. Possible applications vary in scale from a simple WeChat application to a “grand blockchain world.”

The platform has built-in interfaces which allow developers to visualize the development of their game whilst providing blockchain functions, such as writing and deploying smart contracts. DgameMaker also offers a “shared contract,” which grants game developers access to blockchain functions without requiring them to launch a smart contract themselves.

Additionally, the platform offers templates to use for their contract API, which is designed to help developers quickly draft a game. “All you need to do is press buttons and input relevant information,” said Chaoyi.

During the interview, Wang asked: “There are few consumers in blockchain games, but a lot of competitors in developers tools. Why did DgameMaker join the market?” Chaoyi responded:

It’s hard to produce a contract and costly to publish one. If you make it easier for the users, who originally think blockchain games are complicated and sophisticated, they will find themselves capable of making blockchain games.

DgameMaker is targeting three types of users in its outreach efforts. First, is individuals who are already supporters of blockchain-based games. Second, traditional game developers who have an interest in blockchain. Thirdly, experienced blockchain game developers who seek to enhance gameplay logic in their processes.

Currently, the blockchain game development platform has about 50 developers within its ecosystem. However, not all of them are originally blockchain developers, with some coming from a traditional game development background.

The eighth LOVE NEO episode with DgameMaker can be found below: