Narrative has released a development update announcing a delay in the vote for Tribunal members, as well as noting features prioritized for development. Narrative is an online content platform that aims to become “the world’s journal,” and was recently a guest in the first episode of the returning NEO News Today podcast.

Tribunal elections postponed

Narrative aims to diverge from the standard governance principles of social media platforms by placing moderation responsibilities into the hands of its users. The Tribunal system is a community-based governance model, comprised of users voted into the role who oversee disputes and appeals pertinent to Niches. Niches are unique subject boards with community moderation where users can post on-topic content.

Initially, Narrative aimed to host its Tribunal elections in September 2019 but has opted to delay the vote until April 15th, 2020. Currently, the Tribunal system is appointed and manned by Narrative staff members.

The team cites the delay was necessary because “it’s really important [to] have Moderator Elections and some planned reputation improvements in place before that initial election.” Tribunal nominations begin on January 15th, 2019, followed by the vote three months later; dates which Narrative says “are considered firm.”

Until then, the team is seeking to appoint two new members from the Narrative community to join the Tribunal as volunteers. Volunteers at this stage will not receive Narrative rewards until a community-elected Tribunal is established. To be considered for nomination, individuals must have reputation scores of 85 or higher, with preferential status given to niche owners with Founder status.

Narrative members with an interest in filling a Tribunal spot must email by Friday, August 30th.

Features in the development queue

Among the moderator elections and reputation improvements, the Narrative roadmap lists a variety of other significant planned features. The team has prioritized its development efforts to meet the planned September 2019 launch of the Publications channel. Following the release, Narrative will focus on building and refining in-app notifications among other improvements.

Narrative states that it will not begin working on other notable or minor features until it completes development of the following:

  • Tips
  • Referral program
  • Tribunal nominations and elections
  • Electorate rewards
  • Reputation and plagiarism improvements
  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) review queue
  • Committee elections
  • Mobile

The full development update can be found at the following link: