Neo Global Development hosted the first Neo Live of 2021 with O3 Labs communications director, Matt Powers, as a guest. In the later months of 2019 and throughout 2020 Neo Live was held monthly.

Neo Live is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) style community event on the official Neo Telegram channel. The event seeks to connect the Neo community with NGD core teams, ecosystem projects, the Neo developer community, and blockchain leaders to learn about the latest technological developments and industry insights.

O3 Swap and Neo ecosystem

In the AMA, Powers shared more information about O3 Swap with the Neo community. O3 Swap is designed to provide users with the most cost-effective rates and a simple one-click transaction process for swapping assets between different blockchains or layer-two networks.

Powers noted the O3 Swap developers are placing a high priority on improving the user experience during cross-chain processes.

Ultimately, O3 Swap might benefit the Neo community by fully integrating ecosystem liquidity protocols – Flamingo and Switcheo – into its backend processes. If users swap NEP-5 (or future NEP-17) tokens through O3 Swap, they will receive the O3 token as a reward. O3 Labs have indicated its token will be available as a NEP-17 in Neo N3 and ERC-20 on Ethereum.

Looking forward, O3 Labs intends to deploy its aggregation protocol on layer two networks and launch a DAO for users to vote on network issues.

The full Neo Live AMA can be found at the link below: