New Econo Labs (NEL) has published its second December progress report for its NEO Name Service (NNS). The report briefly outlined what the team worked on during the reporting period.

The first item on the report was the announcement of its CGAS disbursement. Dividends are claimed to have been paid out to addresses who applied for dividends in the last week.

NNS also integrated with the popular O3 wallet application, adding a bidding component. This addition to the wallet by O3 means that users can now bid .neo domains from within the app on their mobile phones.

Additionally, it’s claimed that the mobile version of the NNS decentralized exchange (DEX) was completed and has entered its final testing stage. A launch of the app is due soon.

A number of smaller development updates were also included in the report:

  • The NNS DEX selling market is presently under development and will support the smart contract-compatible CGAS and CNEO assets.
  • The Dutch auction model will be used in future iterations of the software, which encourages bids by lowering the price of the auction until a buyer accepts the price.
  • The mobile version of the NNS DEX was developed and added new functions to claim NNC tokens, purchase domains, and for users to view their sales and purchase histories.
  • A language settings switch was added for users to toggle between Chinese and English.
  • A filter function for domain name management was also included.

The end of the report included links to two new YouTube videos by the KryptosChain YouTube channel. The first is a demonstration of buying and selling domains on the NNS platform, which can be viewed here. The second is in a podcast style, with NEL’s Robbie Wang taking the viewer on a “Deep Dive” into the platform’s ecosystem.

The full report can be read at the below link: