On December 28th, NEO Global Development published a development history overview of the NeoVM. The article outlined the NeoVM’s evolution towards stack isolation and its ability to be deployed outside of the NEO network. New operation instructions and a summary of recent updates were also included.

NNT Catch Up

Alchemint launched its stable coin, SDUSD, onto the NEO MainNet on December 17th, and made the announcement on December 26th. The team delayed announcing the launch so it could first monitor the performance of the smart contract. SDUSD is the first digital asset to be launched through Alchemint’s SAR-C and is pegged to the US dollar.

NGD recently announced a collaboration with NeoWorld, a Second Life-esque blockchain-based sandbox game that allows users to explore, collect resources and build in a virtual world. A new 3D virtual continent referred to as NEOLAND will be created, with areas of land available to purchase through auction.

Developer Groups

December 29th, NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its bi-monthly report for December, highlighting completed work on ZoroChain, BlaCat, neo-cli-nel, and NeoRay. ZoroChain added a new asset class, whilst BlaCat’s platform exchange development was been completed. NEO-CLI, a full node program for the NEO blockchain, is being redesigned in an attempt to increase performance. NeoRay added English language support.


December 26th, Jarvis+ released its weekly report highlighting the launch of its new Grouplus AI bot, which combines artificial intelligence, deep learning, and big data for automated community management. Once live, Jarvis+ claims the bot will engage with users via natural conversation as if they were speaking with a real human. The report also contained a list of minor changes and upgrades the team made to its primary platform.

December 27th, Aphelion announced the relaunch of its decentralized exchange, following a partnership with KYC compliance solution Identity Mind Global. The newly integrated KYC/AML module will allow the DEX to avoid SEC persecution by excluding US participants. The team is using this approach to achieve compliance in the short-term whilst pursuing a US broker-dealer solution.

December 28th, NEO Name Service (NNS) announced an awards promotion for the “Domain of the Year,” which consists of two awards selected by community voting. In order to be considered for the competition, “.neo” domain name owners will need to list their domain on the NNS decentralized exchange.

December 28th, Alchemint announced it will offer a special discounted price for NEO DevCon tickets, with 30 tickets offered in exchange for 119 SDUSD (the equivalent of $119 USD).

December 28th, Phantasma Chain added Reddit and Instagram incentives as part of its Christmas Campaign that was announced at the start of this month, with five incentives now running in total. Participants are expected to produce high-quality content that will benefit the consumer.

December 29th, NEO Name Service (NNS) released its bi-monthly report. Highlights include CGAS dividend distributions, O3 Wallet compatibility, NNS DEX market 2.0 development, and updates to the mobile plugin.

December 29th, DeepBrain Chain released a progress report highlighting collaboration opportunities and use cases for its AI Training Net, research and development, the design of the DBC architecture, and reminding users to join the Global Ambassadors Program.

December 30th, Ryu Coin announced the release of its closed beta based on a “Practice Coin.” The beta, which uses Apple’s TestFlight app for iOS mobile devices, features Ryu’s Home Base mobile app and three supported mobile games: Slime Soccer, Slime Basketball, and Slime Volleyball.

Token Listings

Alchemint’s SDUSD listed on Switcheo.


February 16th and 17th: NEO DevCon (Seattle, US)