Phantasma has included two new incentives as part of its Christmas Campaign that was announced at the start of this month, with five incentives now running in total.

A Reddit and Instagram campaign was announced on December 28th, which will allow participants to earn SOUL tokens for their help in spreading awareness of the Phantasma ecosystem.

To recap the Christmas Campaign so far, Phantasma first announced its YouTube contest that will run until January 1st. Content creators can earn tokens by uploading videos with submissions evaluated on “quality, correct information, and reach.” A total prize pool of 50,000 SOUL has been allocated for the YouTube Campaign.

A common thread among all of the incentives is that participants are expected to produce high quality content that will benefit the consumer, with a proportionate amount of tokens paid.

The second incentive announced was the Phantasma Articles contest, for which 50,000 SOUL has been reserved. This writing incentive differs to the YouTube Campaign not only in terms of media but also in the payout rewards and content distribution.

Writers in the contest are rewarded more tokens for creating viral content that is endorsed by readers. Bonuses, for instance, are based on the number of Claps the article receives if it is published on the Medium platform, or for votes on Steemit.

The third incentive, the Creative Contest was announced on December 17th and seeks to recruit artists and graphic designers to spread Phantasma’s message. Like other incentives, 50,000 SOUL has been reserved for the Creative Contest.

Reddit Contest

A total of 40,000 SOUL has been reserved for the Reddit Contest, which will be dispensed to participants for creating high quality comments on the platform’s subreddit at /r/phantasma.

Submissions for the Reddit contest will be rated and rewarded based on the number of upvotes a comment receives.

The reward structure is below.

  • 5 SOUL — 1 Upvote
  • 10 SOUL — 5 Upvotes
  • 20 SOUL — 10 Upvotes
  • 50 SOUL — 20 Upvotes
  • 150 SOUL — 50 Upvotes

The team notes that the Reddit incentive could synergize with other contests with artists posting their creations and earning upvotes.

Participants are instructed to submit their comment links and usernames in this Google form for entries to be valid. The  terms and conditions for participation can be read here.

Instagram Campaign

The fifth and most recent incentive from Phantasma is the Instagram campaign, with 50,000 SOUL to be distributed to participants.

Two winners will be selected each day. One prize will be given to someone who likes and comments a specific piece of content on Phantasma’s instagram and a second will be given to one of the platform’s instagram followers.

The terms and conditions can be read here.