Phantasma Chain, a content distribution ecosystem that has the ability for developers to build dApps and smart contracts, has announced part two of its Christmas Campaign: the Phantasma Articles Contest.

The Christmas Campaign is a new initiative that was introduced earlier this month. Its purpose is to help spread awareness of Phantasma Chain by rewarding its participants with Phantasma Chain’s utility token, SOUL. A total of one million SOUL will be distributed from December 12th to the campaign’s conclusion on January 1st.

NEO News Today covered the platform’s original announcement here; details of Phantasma Chain’s first contest, for YouTube creators, can also be read in the announcement.

The Articles Contest invites writers to create content about the Phantasma Chain ecosystem, with rewards in SOUL paid out based on article length, quality, accuracy, and views.

A total of 50,000 SOUL was allocated to the Articles Contest, which will be distributed until the Christmas Campaign’s conclusion on January 1st.

Reward Structure

Writers have a number of different options to distribute their articles: namely on Steemit, Medium or their own personal blogs.

Below is the reward structure for each platform, alongside their requirements.


  • 50 SOUL: for an article on Phantasma.
  • 250 SOUL: if the article receives more than 1,250 claps.
  • 500 SOUL: if the article receives more than 2,500 claps
  • 750 SOUL: if the article receives more than 5,000 claps.


If participants run a blog on the subjects of cryptocurrencies, trading or machine learning, then Phantasma is prepared to pay a premium amount of tokens for article distribution.

  • 50 to 750 SOUL: depending on the quality and reach of the blog post.


  • 50 SOUL: for an article on Phantasma.
  • 250 SOUL: if the article receives more than 25 votes.
  • 500 SOUL: if the article receives more than 50 votes.
  • 750 SOUL: if article receives more than 100 votes.

Terms and conditions

As with each promotion run by Phantasma Chain, the Articles Contest also has a list of terms and conditions that need to be followed for entries to be valid.

  • First of all, the team may pay out a bonus in SOUL if they determine that an article has outstanding quality.
  • The first requirement is that each article must be of high quality and contain correct information.
  • Unique content is a must, meaning that the submitted article must not be copied or exist anywhere else.
  • Articles must be written in English with good grammar.
  • Articles must also be at least 500 words long and published publicly.
  • There is also a linking requirement for the articles. Specifically, one must include a link to Phantasma Chain’s website: (, as well as links to the platform’s social media platforms.
  • Phantasma reserves the right to reject any article they determine to not be a fit with the contest’s purpose – without notice or providing a reason.
  • Spamming one’s link in the platform’s social channels or other communication platforms is prohibited; participants may post their link only once, and spam could lead to a user’s disqualification from the contest.
  • Finally, there must be a match between the user’s email addresses submitted in the Google form (link below) and on the user’s website or blog. The email address must be visible on the user’s blog in order for identity confirmation.

To participate in this incentive, readers can sign up here using Phantasma Chain’s Google form.