NewEconoLabs (NEL), a Chinese developer community, has released a progress update covering the last half of December, 2018. NEL announces its completed development work and upcoming projects in progress updates that are released every two weeks.

NEL projects covered in this update include ZoroChain, a high-performance NEO sidechain under development to support gaming dApps in real time; BlaCat, NEL’s blockchain game development platform; “neo-cli-nel”, an in-house NEO-CLI (full node) variant with an experimental high-performance database; and the NeoRay online debugger.

ZoroChain and CryptoGladiator

NEL’s ZoroChain has been the subject of increased development over the past months to support blockchain games in the NEO ecosystem. ZoroChain has been further developed to make the deployment of private chains easier for developers conducting in-house digital asset and smart contract testing.

ZoroChain also added a new asset class. “NativeNep5,” which is part of a protocol to allow “cross-chain transfer functionality between the root chain [NEO blockchain] and application chain [ZoroChain sidechain].”

NEL is also looking over ZoroChain’s error log files to find and fix sources of blockchain “instability.”

Meanwhile, development of NEL’s CryptoGladiator blockchain game has been diverted, as NEL has selected the game to “become the model project of ZoroChain” as an open resource for future game developers to build upon. NEL states that “The development cycle will be longer” and apologizes to its player base for the inconvenience.

NEL states that in the future, “CryptoGladiator will be maintained after the ZoroChain version is completed,” and CryptoGladiator will become an open-source UGC (user-generated content) blockchain game.

BlaCat Game Platform

The NEO.Girl game reached open beta status and was released to the public for testing as covered by NNT earlier in the week. BlaCat’s platform exchange development has also been completed; developers can use the BANCOR smart contract to release their game token to the exchange.

In addition, a non-fungible token (NFT) exchange is being designed to allow the trading of unique, tokenized in-game items that are not equivalent or interchangeable. BlaCat’s mobile version is finishing its design development, and the BlaCat mobile wallet is adding support for ETH and BTC cryptocurrencies.

NEO-CLI-NEL with LightDB

NEL’s in-house adaptation of NEO-CLI, a full node program for the NEO blockchain, is being redesigned in an attempt to increase performance. NEO-CLI’s “level-db” database is being replaced with the “lightdb” database. The product is still in closed beta development, and has not yet been released.

NeoRay Online C# Debugger

NeoRay, an all-in-one smart contract debugger for NEO contracts written in C#, added English language support (through a menu in the upper right of the screen). Small UX improvements were also added.

NEL’s full biweekly progress report can be viewed at the following link: