nOS recently launched nOSNet, a public NEO-based TestNet that allows developers to launch and test nOS applications. nOS is a virtual operating system that will run on mobile and desktop, and function like a browser and app store. nOSNet will allow for the registration and management of domains, and smart contract deployment.

nOS is aiming to host its public token sale in Quarter 3 of 2018. Pre-sale access will be granted to developers who publish nOS dApps on the TestNet and apply for a nOSNet domain name.

dApp developers can apply for a “nos://“ domain name using the nOS Client (found on the nOS GitHub:, as well as apply for the nOSNet GAS required to launch a smart contract.

User-submitted dApps that have been approved by the nOS team will automatically be activated in the “Name Service Smart Contract,” after which the dApps will become accessible to the public. To find and use the dApp, users will be able to enter the dApp’s domain name into the nOS Client browser bar.

To deploy a smart contract on nOSNet, developers must install neo-python on their local machine, and follow the instructions listed in the GitHub repository. Once deployed, the smart contract will render the dApp fully functional for end-users and other developers.

For more information about nOS visit the links below.