Alphacat has released its June report, which highlights progress and product development. Alphacat releases monthly reports in an effort to provide transparency into the project.

In the month of June, Alphacat’s communities grew at the following rates:

  • Twitter: 8,742 to 11,300 (+29.3%)
  • Telegram: 8,339 to 9,979 (+19.7%)
  • Facebook: 3,254 to 3,870 (+18.9%)

On June 28th, Dr. Bin Li, founder of Alphacat, provided a keynote speech at the Shanghai Financial Services Fair. The topic of Dr. Li’s speech was, “Development trends in the Blockchain Industry — from the Perspective of Investment Banks.” In his speech, Dr. Li “shared a series of views on the development status and future prospects of the blockchain industry, from the perspective of investment banks.”

On July 1st and 2nd, Alphacat participated in Chainers 2018, a conference which took place in Seoul, South Korea. Hanan Yariv, Alphacat’s global marketing director, presented a keynote speech on the topic of “Alphacat: Blockchain and the Fintech revolution.” Detailed in the speech was Alphacat’s business model, product matrix, and core technology.

With regards to branding, Alphacat released its new, official website, and informational videos. The website was redeveloped by overseas designers, which highlights Alphacat’s technological interests and internationalization. Larger-scope adjustments made to the website include a comprehensive view of Alphacat’s core business model, and reserving the entrance of the ACAT store.

Additionally, an ‘Intro to Alphacat’ film was released which presents its ecological structure, product logic, project vision, and introduces the development team.

A partnership was formed with FormulA, which NEO News Today had previously covered. The FormulA project is “committed to building a credible asset value exchange network” where “real assets can be trusted and safely registered and circulated.”

Lastly, Alphacat made progress on its ACAT Store, which includes a variety of investment robot applications to meet the full service needs of Alphacat’s users in the area of cryptocurrency investment. “The front-end interface and user operating system have been designed, developed and deployed on the production server, which is currently in its internal testing phase.” 

By the end of June, Alphacat was running 10 artificial intelligence (AI) forecasting models which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and NEO, among others. The real-time forecasting of digital currency will be the first application available on the ACAT Store.

The full June report in can be read in full at the below link:

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