nOS, a “virtual operating system” project that aims to streamline dApp development and usage, announced its first nOS Poker tournament on March 9th, 2019. Built by the nOS team, nOS Poker is “the nOS ecosystem’s first full-fledged online game.” According to nOS, the poker tournaments are meant to draw daily users to the platform, and serve as a beta and stress-test for the project.

Proof of Loyalty

To participate, users will need to show “Proof of Loyalty” by holding a balance of at least 500 NOS tokens in their registered wallet. However, registration for the tournament is free, and the tokens will not be spent.

Registration for the nOS Poker tournament will begin at 17:45 GMT on March 9th, 2019, and will be first come, first serve, with a maximum of 90 players. The No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament will begin at 18:00 GMT and registration will be closed at 18:15 GMT.

The top nine finishers in the poker tournament will split a prize pool of 2,500 NOS tokens; the winner will take home 800 NOS.

nOS founder Dean van Dugteren stated that “Any tokenized project can apply to sponsor tournaments” on the platform, and that nOS will be hosting daily free tournaments with nOS awards.

Further details on how to register can be found at the following link: