On October 17th, nOS and Travala announced a partnership “to offer a user-friendly bookings marketplace that supports cryptocurrencies, cheaper rates, and next-generation tokenized incentive structures.” Additionally, nOS has lowered its hard cap and token supply for its public token sale (also referred to as its “token generating event” [TGE]).

nOS is a virtual operating system that will run on mobile and desktop, and function like a browser and app store. Travala is an online travel booking platform built on the NEO platform, that aims to become the first decentralized global travel marketplace to be a one-stop shop for all travel related services.

The partnership between nOS and Travala will take effect as Travala deploys its travel marketplace application on the nOS Client, and integrates the nOS application program interface (API) to meet Travala’s needs.

Through promotional campaigns, booking discounts, and incentives, Travala and nOS aim to promote and reward the use of the Travala marketplace on the nOS Client. In this capacity, nOS will support Travala as its exclusive travel marketplace partner. Additionally, Travala will support the NOS token for booking through the Travala marketplace.

Smart Token Conversion

Users will be able to book trips on Travala using nOS’s Smart Token Conversion process, which is to be powered by Neon Exchange (NEX). The process will take place as follows:

  • The user will select their booking destination, and pay for the purchase with their preferred cryptocurrency.
  • If the user doesn’t hold enough of their chosen cryptocurrency at “check-out,” nOS “will display a dialogue to convert a cryptocurrency that the user does hold” to make up the difference.
  • If the process is approved by the user, their tokens will be automatically converted without visiting an exchange to manually convert the tokens.

Through the Smart Token Conversion process, nOS and Travala are working toward “establishing a new, open, and decentralized internet where consumers are connected directly with suppliers, and middlemen are no longer required.”

nOS Lowers Hard Cap and Token Supply

nOS also announced a reduction in its hard cap and initial circulating supply by about 40%. The initial public sale was listed at USD $15,750,000 and has now been reduced to USD $10,000,000. The initial circulating supply of the nOS tokens will now be lowered from 157,500,000 NOS to 132,500,000 NOS.

Users are still able to register for the nOS Token Sale Final Round. The registration window will close at 20:00 (UTC +2) on Monday, October 22nd.

The start date of the token sale will be announced in upcoming weeks. In the meantime, users are able to register at the following link:


For more information about nOS and Travala visit the links below.