NewEconoLabs, a Chinese developer group, released a progress report covering the first half of October. Although NEL is also the developer behind the recently launched NEO Name Service, this update covers the studio’s other projects. These projects include the BlaCat blockchain game development platform, NEL Lab development tools, and its own CryptoGladiator blockchain game.

BlaCat Game Platform

NEL performed a host of optimizations as it seeks to prepare BlaCat, which is currently in a demo version, for wider release. NewEconoLabs reported adding language tools including multi-language support and default language settings. NEL also worked to integrate wallet support, including its new BCP and BCT tokens, and support for GAS purchases. More work was also put in to a “token acquisition function” as well as NEL’s relationships with game developers, and a redesigned forum, also supporting multiple languages.

Neondebug Web Version

NewEconoLabs has also been researching and designing an online version of its in-house smart contract debugging tool, neondebug. Neondebug allows for debugging smart contracts during code compilation, contract deployment, transactions, and invocations. This web-based debugger has been on the roadmap since January 2018, when NEL’s Robbie Wang wrote that “We will develop a pure web version of the debugging tools in the future.”

CryptoGladiator v1.0

NEL has announced that it has set up the framework for its upcoming CryptoGladiator V1.0 release, to be titled “Genesis Prologue”. An aspect of centralization will be added to the upcoming release, in which game behaviors will be handled by a central server. NEL has said that it is waiting for aspects of NEO’s public blockchain to improve before it transfers more of the game’s computations to the NEO blockchain.

NEL also commented that V1.0 will become a strategy game. Players will be responsible for plundering resources to build territory and train their troops. After CryptoGladiators have developed a set of combat skills, bonuses may be earned through arena fights, and by fighting their way to rule their kingdom.

“Normal workers” will be able to earn proceeds by farming resources and vending needed materials to other players.

NEL’s development update may be read in full at the following link:

More information on NewEconoLabs and its BlaCat game platform can be found at the links below.