nOS, a “virtual operating system” project that aims to streamline dApp development and usage, has announced a partnership with Integro, an e-learning platform that provides cryptocurrency incentives for its educators and students. Integro’s Learning Management and Reward System (LMRS) is built on its own dApp layer, the Integro Decentralized Application Layer (iDAL).

Integro Partnership Details

Under the terms of the partnership, Integro will adopt nOS ID for sign-in and registration on its LRMS application. Integro will also deploy to nOS “and integrate nOS APIs exclusively.” Further, Integro will “explore the integration of NOS as a supported payment token” in the Integro ecosystem, as well as exploring the integration of the “nOS Filesystem & Blockchain” into Integro’s native dApp platform.

On the other side, nOS will publish education material for developers on the Integro platform, and plans to reward the use of Integro’s LMRS platform on the nOS Client. Integro will also be the “exclusive e-learning application partner” of nOS.

nOS BitMart Airdrop Complete

nOS founder Dean van Dugteren also announced that “A total of 50,000 NOS has been airdropped to all nOS users who had a Holding Score before January 30th.” The airdrop was designed to drive nOS community support for the “Vote For Your Coin – Round 6” listing competition at the BitMart centralized exchange.

nOS intends its holding score to determine certain features and benefits on its platform, such as voting rights, promotion eligibility, and income from future platform fees. Users can register a nOS ID for free, by demonstrating custody of a NEO wallet and linking a verified email address to that wallet through the nOS desktop application. However, their verified address will need a minimum balance of 1,000 NOS to receive a Holding score.

The full nOS/Integro partnership announcement can be viewed at the following link: