nOS has released information pertinent to its upcoming token pre-sale and public token sale. nOS is a virtual operating system that will run on mobile and desktop, and function like a browser and app store. It is aiming to host its public token sale in Quarter 3 of 2018. Pre-sale access will be granted to developers who publish nOS dApps, contribute to the nOS Codebase, or participated in the UI Design Competition.

Participants interested in developing a decentralized application (dApp) on the nOS platform will have until 23:59 on Tuesday, July 31st (GMT +2) to submit their project for access to the pre-sale.

In addition to the upcoming dApp development and submission deadline, nOS aims to release its token economics and whitepaper soon.

Pre-sale Requirements

Participants are eligible to partake in the nOS token pre-sale if they have done any of the following:

  1. Developed a dApp on nOS,
  2. Contributed to the nOS Codebase on GitHub,
  3. Subscribed to the VDT.Network newsletter (prior to April 14th, 2018), and/or
  4. Participated in the nOS UI Design competition.

Pre-sale application instructions

To participate in the pre-sale, users will need to do the following:

  1. Download the nOS client (found at,
  2. Open the client and log in with the NEO account established for participation,
  3. Sign up in the nOS client, by clicking the button in the “My nOS App” section, and
  4. Enter pertinent information.

Such information includes the NEO address used in the nOS UI Design Competition, the email address used for the VDT.Network newsletter subscription, proof of dApp submission via nOS Client, or proof of contributions to the nOS Codebase.

Those who qualify for the nOS token pre-sale will receive an email with further information about the date of the pre-sale and token economic details.

Public Token Sale Requirements

To participate in the nOS public token sale (referred to as a token generation event (TGE)), users will need to:

  1. Download the nOS client (found at, and
  2. Create an account (found at

Note: Users will not be able to change the NEO address bound for the public token sale. nOS recommends creating and storing a new account on the nOS Client for token sale.

Countries that are restricted from participating in either the nOS pre-sale or public token sale can be seen at the following link: 

More information about nOS can be found at the following links.