Alphacat has entered into a “deep, strategic agreement and partnership” with SecureForest, an Israeli-based blockchain cybersecurity company. Alphacat, claims to be the world’s first robot adviser marketplace powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies, focused on cryptocurrencies. SecureForest was founded by cybersecurity experts who have decades of experience helping multinational enterprises, government offices, and innovative startups to secure their operations.

SecureForest has branched into the “field of blockchain security and is now developing new technologies that combine their own proprietary algorithms and deep market trend analysis with AI and big data technologies.”

The cybersecurity company will perform real time analysis on blockchains, coins and tokens, and public token sales. Through their efforts, SecureForest has developed the ability to map blockchain-related markets through “monitoring open and dark web communications, public and some side-chain telemetry, as well as identifying and investigating specific wallet addresses and smart contracts.”

Through this partnership, Alphacat and SecureForest seek to employ a complementary dataset that will enhance the prediction-based security tools and risk management services Alphacat’s marketplace offers. This newly emerged field has been dubbed “security-based predictions,” and aims to provide the digital assets world with higher quality forecasting and risk management tools.

The cooperative agreement between the two will seek to provide an “enrichment of data, resulting in better forecasting and risk management products for the Alphacat community,” and provide SecureForest with “more powerful data analyses capabilities” through the ACAT Engine.

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