NEO published its proposed upgrades for NEO 3.0, which will be “built for large scale enterprise use cases” and provide “higher TPS and stability, expanded APIs for smart contracts, optimized economic and pricing models, and much more.” The changes were broken down into four categories: Protocol, Smart Contract, NeoVM and Various Improvements.

Consensus Nodes

Ontology published more information about its ONTO Client and the current Triones Consensus Nodes candidates. The ONTO Client was launched on July 9th, and Ontology’s window for Triones Consensus Node candidates will close July 16th. Currently, there are 21 candidates to operate Triones Consensus Nodes.

APEX announced the release of KRATOS One, a precursor to the launch of its Special Node program. The KRATOS Program was designed for future APEX token (CPX) holding Voternodes, who participate in the voting process and act as a check-and-balance to Supernodes that process and validate transactions. KRATOS will be comprised of a reward pool of 2 million CPX, to be distributed to users based on the amount of CPX they’ve staked, and their Voternode tiering status.

Bounty Programs

Switcheo announced its Beta Bounty Program for its version 2 exchange. The Beta Bounty Program will see 50 community members invited to participate in three hour trading event on Tuesday the 17th of July, between 2:00pm – 5:00pm (UTC + 8). Features such as deposits, partial withdrawals, instantaneous limit trading and the mobile interface will all be tested.

Upcoming Events

Red Pulse will unveil PHOENIX at an event to be held in Seoul, South Korea on July 21st. The event will also feature talks from industry leaders about the future of Red Pulse and the blockchain for media and market intelligence.

Reports and Developments

Guardian Circle published an overview of its Guardium Tokenomics 2.0 model. Guardian Circle is a blockchain-based project that aims to provide “uber-like” emergency first-response services. End users of the Guardian Circle application will stake a pot of GDM tokens, which acts to incentivize First Responders to react to an Alert, provide immutable transcript storage, and activate an emergency information lockbox. 

Alchemint’s June progress report covered its various development and project updates. Such updates included SAR-C and SAR-B module development, improvements to the web based console, the Oracle mechanism, and its whitepaper. Additionally, the team discussed post-token sale statistics and its marketing/community building efforts.

THEKEY published a summary of founder and CEO, Catherine Li’s recent AMA. It addressed questions regarding the strategic cooperation with Chinese authorities and what this means for TKY holders.

Moonlight announced the details of its Lux (LX) public token sale. The Moonlight public sale will accept NEO and GAS tokens, with no minimum purchase amount. Moonlight has also made the decision to peg the conversion ratio to NEO and GAS, rather than USD. A total of 250,000,000 LX tokens (25% of total supply) will be available during the public sale, with a maximum contribution of 100 NEO or 250 GAS.

Zeepin published its bi-weekly report, which highlights progress made on ZeeRights, ZeeCreate, and CryptoGalaxy.


Switcheo and O3 Labs announced a partnership that will allow for users to log in and make trades on the Switcheo Exchange directly from their O3 mobile wallet. Switcheo will be the first application to integrate with O3’s upcoming dApp browser. 

Ontology partnered with Cocos and IdentityMind Global. Cocos is a mobile game development platform. IdentityMind Global is a company that provides risk management, fraud prevention, and Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for ecommerce and fintech companies.

Ontology partnered with LianAn, a formal verification technology provider whose services have been utilized in the civil aviation and military field. The alliance between the two is part of Ontology’s “Co-Builder Plan,” where LianAn will serve as a security specialist. LianAn has audited more than 500 smart contracts.

Tech Updates

Ontology released the ONTO Client, a wallet that allows users to manage funds on the Ontology MainNet, as well as create and manage a self-sovereign digital identity. Ontology describes ONTO as a “comprehensive decentralized client product, which is an entrance of [the] trust search engine and blockchain system.”

CoZ released Neon Wallet v0.2.6 which was released to support some new functionality and address bugs that have been reported by the community. Fixes include updated script hashes, support for CoZ TestNet, and QR code authentication, among others.

Phantasma Protocol announced the closed beta of its NEO-based wrestling game, Nacho Men. Starting July 15th, Phantasma began distributing emails to subscribers of the mailing list on the Nacho Men website. The first 1,500 subscribers will be eligible for invitation, and the email will include wallet details for accessing the Beta. 

Meet the Developers

NEO recently announced the winners of the London Blockchain Challenge, which was held on June 17thThe theme of the challenge was “NEO Network State Monitoring.” The London event called for participants to build a companion network monitor to City of Zion’s neo-mon project. The winner of the challenge was HappyNodes, built by a group called F27, comprised of developers, Wing Chan and Karlson Lee, along with designer, Sharon Chan. The trio took to the task of improving upon the current City of Zion network monitor in three ways: to design a cleaner, friendlier, and more intuitive interface; to include historical information to identify long-term trends; and, to include regional grouping. In addition to winning 600 GAS, HappyNodes is now being supported as an official NEO Global Development project.