Ontology has released the ONTO Client for Android. ONTO is a wallet that allows users to manage funds on the Ontology MainNet, as well as create and manage a self-sovereign digital identity. Ontology describes ONTO as a “comprehensive decentralized client product, which is an entrance of [the] trust search engine and blockchain system.

With the ONTO Client, users will be able to “build their own digital identity and multi-dimensional identity portrait” through the linking of identity trust sources. These sources could include eID, CA, governments, institutions, schools, groups and individuals. Upon being “verified” by a trust source, ONTO creates a certificate of identity trust and records it to the blockchain. Users can then use these certificates to verify claims of identity.

ONTO currently supports identity claims via CFCA real name authentication for Chinese citizens, along with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. IdentityMind Global and CCX are also listed on the ONTO.app website as identity trust anchors to be included in future updates.

The ONTO Client will also seek to provide users integrated functions such as digital asset management and distributed data exchange.

With the release of the ONTO Client, the mapping and migration process from the initial NEP-5 based ONT token to the Ontology MainNet token has begun. Users will have until 00:00 on Monday, October 1st, 2018 to complete the mapping and migration, or permanently forgo the opportunity to ever do so.

The ONTO Client offers a ‘one-stop mapping’ token swap solution. Users are able to download the ONTO application, complete the ONT ID registration, and import their NEP-5 tokens using their existing NEO private key. An option to then do an automatic swap to the ONT MainNet token will appear. Steps on how to complete the process can be found at this link.

For more information about the Ontology MainNet token mapping and migration options, refer to NEO News Today’s previous coverage.

Android users can download the ONTO Client by using the below link. An iOS version will be available soon.

As a reminder, users should always double confirm all mapping and migration details with Ontology official channels and be on the look out for scams.

More information about Ontology can be found at the links below.