The Ontology MainNet, “Ontology 1.0”, went live on June 30, 2018. In conjunction with the deployment, the Ontology team updated its MainNet ONT Token Swap guide. Updates include a new mapping and migration method, and a note about Ledger support. The following methods will be utilized for the token swap:

  • ONTO wallet one-stop mapping,
  • Mapping using other wallets, and
  • Automatic exchange-based mapping and migration.

As Ledger does not support private key extraction, Ontology recommends Ledger users complete mapping via an exchange.

The Ontology team has included a step-by-step “how to” guide to map and migrate utilizing ONTO, Ontology’s decentralized client and wallet. Essentially, users will need to download the client, import their NEO private key or wallet import format (WIF), click the “MainNet ONT Token Swap” link, and wait for the mapping to complete.

A step-by-step instructions guide for swapping with ONTO can be found at this link.

Other wallets that will support the ONT MainNet Token Swap include the O3 wallet and the Chinese-based SEA wallet. Information for using both those wallets can be found at the following links:

A handful of exchanges will also support the ONT MainNet Token Swap. Supporting exchanges and links to their official statements can be found below:

Mapping will begin on July 9th, 2018 and finish October 1st, 2018. If ONT token holders do not convert their NEP-5 ONT tokens to Ontology MainNet ONT tokens during that time frame, they will not have another chance to do so.

MainNet ONT tokens will not be divisible, users will only be able to swap tokens that are rounded to a whole number. Additionally, Ontology recommends token holders try testing the mapping process with a small amount of ONT, prior to mapping a larger amount of ONT.

As a reminder, users should always double confirm all mapping and migration details with Ontology official channels and be on the look out for scams.

For more information about Ontology visit one of the links below.