O3 Labs have announced that O3 wallet will support the Ontology blockchain. Users of O3 will be able to participate in the ONT token swap through the mobile wallet, as well as being able to store, send and claim ONT and ONG.

The announcement means that O3 is now the first and only wallet to currently support both NEO and Ontology. In a Medium post, O3 Labs said, “O3 is committed to supporting the vision of the Smart Economy, and we believe that Ontology, along with NEO will be the backbone of this ecosystem.”

The user experience of O3 will remain the same. User NEO addresses and private keys will also become their addresses and private keys on the Ontology blockchain. O3 Labs has provided a guide on how to swap NEP-5 ONT tokens to MainNet ONT tokens though the mobile wallet. Swap functionality will be available after June 30th, upon iOS version 1.6.0 and Android version 1.10.0 release. The user guide can be found here.

O3 are also introducing Verified Addresses to help protect users from scammers during events such as token swaps. Verified Addresses will display a green verified mark to indicate authenticity, and O3 hope to expand the verified program in the future.

The full announcement can be found at the below link:

More information on O3 can be found at the links below.