Effect.AI has launched its Effect Force mechanical turk platform on the NEO MainNet in private beta. Effect Force is a marketplace that connects AI developers to paid contributors. Its primary purpose is to use human intelligence to train AI algorithms through the completion of tasks that cannot be done by computers.

600 participants from over 4,000 registrants were selected for the first round of beta, which requires users to classify images. Initial tasks have been seeded by Lobster.Media, a user-generated content licensing marketplace that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic engineering to locate and sell high-quality and relevant photographs or videos. Specifically, workers will be determining whether an image is a selfie or not a selfie.

This will create high quality datasets that will make it easier to train AI algorithms.

Workers who complete tasks on the platform will receive EFX tokens and develop a reputation score. User reputation scores are increased by consistently providing high quality work, which will subsequently lead to higher paying tasks.

NEO senior R&D manager, Malcolm Lerider, tweeted about the deployment saying he tried the platform and had a “smooth experience”, and that users classified 60,000 images in just four hours.

Effect.AI has also announced “Effect Force Impact Hubs”, which aim to provide income opportunities for people whose access to traditional work is limited by circumstance. In a Medium post, Effect.AI said:

“We recognize the potential of Effect Force to provide an alternative way of earning money for people in developing countries, and for people who are unable to do traditional work because of health issues, economical obstacles or simply a lack of other opportunities in the area. Therefore, Effect.AI has made impact sourcing one of its main priorities. Through Effect Force, Effect.AI creates an alternative way of earning money for people in developing countries.”

In collaboration with advisor Sally Eaves, Effect.AI intends to set up Effect Force Impact Hubs in Pakistan, Nepal, and Kenya by the end of this year, where workers will be able to complete tasks under supervision of trained personnel.

More information on Effect.AI can be found at the links below.