Phantasma has announced that its SOUL token will be used as a currency in the forthcoming Nacho Men game. Nacho Men is a turn based fighting game that was developed by Phantasma co-founder, Sergio Flores.

Nacho Men won first place in the inaugural NEO / Microsoft Development Competition. Players can collect, train, battle and trade unique Luchadors that exist as non-fungible assets on the NEO blockchain. The dApp won high praise from the judges, with City of Zion co-founder Fabio Canesin stating that the Nacho Men code will “teach NEO blockchain programming to anyone” that reads it.

The inclusion of SOUL in Nacho Men will give the tokens utility whilst holders wait for the Phantasma MainNet to be launched in Q1 of 2019. The Open Beta of Nacho Men is scheduled for July of 2018, where users will be able to play with test tokens to help test the game features, in addition to stress testing the network. The full game will be released after Open Beta has concluded.

Early participants in the Beta will receive an airdrop of one Luchador of a “higher rarity level than the basic one”. Luchador rarity refers to character appearance, rather than the actual base stats. Luchador stats are determined by its randomly generated genes, which are able to be improved through training and consumable items.

Nacho Men will have various game modes, allowing players to simply collect Luchadors, play casually, or compete against other players for leaderboard rankings. SOUL tokens will be required to enter into a ranked match, allowing competitors to rise up the leaderboard. Winners of ranked matches will also win the total SOUL entered by both players to compete.

In addition, Phantasma will also hold various tournaments and contests where larger SOUL prize pools will be available.

Listen to Phantasma and Nacho Men founder, Sergio Flores, on the NEO News Today Podcast.

More information on Phantasma and Nacho Men can be found at the link below.