Thor and Spotcoin have announced a strategic partnership through which Spotcoin will provide a cryptocurrency-to-fiat offramp to the Thor platform. 

Spotcoin is a Georgia based over-the-counter (OTC) crypto clearing house that is also building a NEO-based digital exchange. 

Thor’s guiding mission is to provide gig economy participants with instant pay, access to an extensive job network, retirement planning, and health benefits. The partnership between Thor and Spotcoin aims to provide contractors, freelancers, and task doers with a reliable method of converting THOR tokens into fiat currency.

On the partnership, Tim Gick, CEO of Spotcoin, said they’re “thrilled to provide stability to the gig economy by making it easier for people to access funding and trade into other currencies as they see fit.” Additionally, Spotcoin has “great respect for Thor’s mission to create a safety net for gig economy workers, who are often more vulnerable than staff workers.”

David Chin, CEO of Thor, stated “creating secure, reliable gateways between digital and fiat currencies is imperative to bringing blockchain tokens into the mainstream. It allows users from everywhere, a way to use digital currencies everyday while still having access to purchases that can only be made with fiat. Partnering with Spotcoin will allow us to bring Thor’s platform to those very people.”

More information on Spotcoin and Thor can be found at the links below.