Ontology published an article which further outlines the functions of its ONTO Client, and also published an updated node report to highlight the top candidates for its Triones Consensus Nodes. The ONTO Client was launched on July 9th, and Ontology’s window for Triones Consensus Node candidates opened on June 1st, and will close July 16th.

ONTO Client

The first version of the ONTO Client is now available for Android (6.0 and above). The iOS version is prepared for release once the App Store listing is ready, and a desktop wallet application is scheduled for release in August of 2018. NEO News Today recently covered the ONTO Client for Android release, which can be read here.

Prior to its launch, the Ontology team had the application audited by SlowMist, a professional security team that provides security audits and defense deployments for exchanges, wallets, and smart contracts. SlowMist graded Ontology with high marks in its operating environment and malicious certificate detection, private key and storage security, node security, and various other evaluation metrics.

Currently, the ONTO Client’s main functions include ONT ID creation and backup, verifiable claim support, a wallet for storage and transaction of ONT and ONG. Furthermore, it provides a one-stop token swap for ONT MainNet mapping and migration.

Ontology’s recently published article also provides a visual demonstration of the ONT ID verifiable claim authentication and authorization, wallet transactions and ONG claim, and the one-stop token swap. To view the demos visit the link below:


Triones Consensus Node Candidate List

Ontology’s Triones Consensus Node candidate recruitment has thus far attracted 47 teams on 6 continents. At the time of this writing, 28 nodes have been admitted, and 21 nodes are currently listed, with over 12.6 million ONT staked among the applicants.

As of July 10th, the top three candidates from each group (broken down by global regions) have been voted in, with another round of voting to be held following the deadline at 23:59 (GMT +8) on Sunday, July 15th. Ontology will announce the final candidate list on Tuesday, July 17th.

The current candidate list is comprised of the following entities (broken down by region):

North America

  1. Infinity Stones
  2. DAD Foundation – Decentralized Advertising
  3. FUM

South America

  1. Ontology Universe
  2. Points Foundation
  3. Trio Bravo


  1. ONEROOT Foundation
  2. SunStar
  3. gf.network

Asia I

  1. Hashed
  2. ont-huobipool
  3. ONTLabo

Asia II

  1. Jumple Foundation
  2. Accomplice Blockchain Capital
  3. Matrix Partners China


  1. G&Q Tech Limited
  2. Feel Free Fund
  3. InWeCrypto


  1. Martview
  2. J&D Tech Limited
  3. CertiK Ltd

To learn more about the candidates, visit the article through the following link:


For more information about Ontology visit the links below.