nOS, a virtual operating system that aims to ease the deployment, discovery, and use of dApps, has announced it is rebranding to Compendia and plans to conduct a token swap. In its previous iteration, nOS aimed to serve as a full-stack solution to facilitate the deployment of websites and applications in a decentralized and open-source environment. Moving forward, Compendia seeks to become a decentralized directory that allows any user to share data collections of all kinds via the new network.

Initially, the nOS platform’s primary feature was a community-driven and decentralized store for dApps, called the nOS Store. However, throughout its development, Compendia founder Dean van Dugteren found a need to continuously update smart contracts as the features and uses for the nOS Store continued to expand. This led to creating a new decentralized network that focused not just on apps but also on databases.

In its announcement, Compendia noted, “If it works with a database, then it [can] use our network. The network [will] become The Wikipedia of Databases for APIs and Smart Contracts.”

Compendia aims to become an oracle network that doesn’t only aggregate “small pieces of data,” such as the price of a cryptocurrency, but seeks to aggregate “full collections of data.” These could include data sets such as blockchain-based applications sorted by popularity, or the top cryptocurrencies sorted by non-custodial exchange volume.

Compendia’s wallet will be called nOS, and the app store will be powered by the Compendia network, curated by users and validators in the same manner as the previous nOS Store. More information about staking and validation on the Compendia network can be found here.

Token Swap

Compendia tentatively expects to launch its new decentralized network in August 2020. After launch, token holders must swap their NEP-5 NOS tokens to Compendia’s native BIND token to participate in staking, voting, and other network features.

At the time of press, there is no official date for the token swap. However, instructions on how to perform the swap via the nOS client have been laid out in a token swap guide.

NOS token holders can follow the Compendia Twitter account or official Telegram channel for future updates.

History of nOS

The nOS whitepaper, released in September 2018, outlined the platform’s goal to streamline the development and deployment of dApps while providing a simple, transparent user experience.

In July 2019, nOS released version 2.0 of its whitepaper and announced a partnership with ARK to facilitate the development of the nOS blockchain. During its re-envisioning, nOS placed a new focus on increasing the revenue of applications through blockchain-powered solutions. The nOS App Store was introduced during the same timeframe, and sought to tackle the lack of transparency and potential manipulation of search rankings for applications in centralized app stores.

In September 2019, nOS launched the alpha version of its TestNet, which included features such as staking, voting, block rewards, and a block explorer. At that time of press, nOS stated its intentions to continue to support NEO and expand to offer support for additional blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, ARK, and others in the nOS Browser.

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