Neo Global Development (NGD) Ecosystem Growth director, John Wang, participated in an ask me anything (AMA) on’s official Telegram channel to promote the launch of NEO trading on its platform. In the AMA, Wang discussed his role in NGD, Neo’s efforts with the InterWork Alliance and Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), upcoming developments in Neo3, non-custodial exchanges in the Neo ecosystem, NeoFS, and much more.

The InterWork Alliance (IWA) announced a new business working group that intends to aid global sustainability efforts. Neo will join several other IWA members as a participant in the working group, helping to develop a standardized solution for tackling the verifiability issues surrounding carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, offsets, and credits.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today (NNT) released episode 36 of the podcast with guest Alex Guba, CTO of Bridge. Discussion topics included Bridge Protocol use cases, why the team built Aver, cross-chain support, and Neo3.

Guba also discussed the nuances between authentication and authorization. He stated, “Authentication is who you are, and authorization is what you can do,” and delineated how Bridge’s services address these two aspects of identity.

Neo and Moonstake announced a partnership and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to “drive staking innovation and adoption” of the two platforms. As part of the partnership, NEO support will be added to the Moonstake wallet, while NGD aims to participate in marketing events alongside Moonstake.

In a conversation with NNT, the NGD Ecosystem Growth department iterated the partnership will help Neo further explore Asian markets, particularly Japan and Singapore. As part of its initial efforts, NGD plans to participate in online events hosted by Moonstake to help promote community development.

Developer Groups

NEXT announced a strategic partnership with O3 Labs to share and integrate functions from the O3 Explorer and NeoTube, which will focus on Neo3 blockchain data services.

NEXT released its monthly report for July 2020, which included development updates on the NeoLine mobile wallet for iOS and Android, a call for community members to provide translations for the NeoTube blockchain explorer, Switcheo’s support of the NeoLine Chrome extension, and the sixth episode of the NLive AMA.

Neo Tracker announced the latest release of NEO•ONE, an end-to-end SDK for developers building dApps on Neo using JavaScript or TypeScript. Version 2.7 focused on updates to the smart contract compiler, enabling it to emit additional files, and included several other bug fixes and general improvements.


July 27th, Switcheo announced that August 12th, 2020 will be the official launch date of TradeHub, a standalone order matching engine formerly referred to as Switcheo Chain.

July 27th, Moonlight published an article offering an overview of decentralized self-sovereign identity (DSSI), current physical credentials, potential attack vectors of current online credentials, and the differences between DSSI and SSI.

July 28th, Nash announced it had integrated support for WalletConnect, which purportedly allows the Nash wallet to connect to various DeFi applications.

July 28th, QLC Chain released its fortnightly report, which included updates about its MainNet v1.4 launch, targeting cross-chain DeFi projects, participation in the Global Blockchain Telco Summit 2020, and recent AMAs.

July 28th, Switcheo co-founder, Jack Yeu, discussed a suite of new products under the Switcheo umbrella in an interview with Examples included the Switcheo TradeHub, the Demex derivatives exchange, and a Zilliqa-based non-custodial exchange protocol.

July 29th, concluded its NEO sale, which was 66.5x oversubscribed. The sale allocated 42.6k NEO to 7,748 participants who purchased at 50% of its market price.

July 30th, Nash launched its official Telegram channel, which will be managed by the Nash team.

July 31st, O3 Labs released v2.10.2 of its Android mobile app and v3.3.3 of its desktop app, which are available for download on the O3 Labs website.

August 2nd, a Nash community member released a video on how to use the Nash maker trading bot.

Token Listings listed NEO.

Huobi NEO perpetual swaps went live.