nOS, a Malta-based project building a “virtual operating system” for dApps, has announced a new version of, its official community and developer portal. The nOS project states that is “the starting point for engaging with nOS and dApp development”.

Community and Developer Portal

The portal contains activities for the community to obtain nOS rewards, such as building a decentralized application on “nOSNet”, the nOS public NEO TestNet, to a recognized standard. Developers also have access to application management tools to get their project properly submitted and their code reviewed.

Additionally, NOS rewards of up to 35,000 NOS per month are on offer for “real and tangible contributions” to the nOS codebase that meet nOS guidelines and quality standards. One contribution submission can be made per month and must contain links to approved pull requests. nOS also notes that, “Contributions do not guarantee a reward of any kind”.

nOS Development Roadmap

The transformation of from a token sale portal to a community and development portal is one of nOS’ short-term development goals. Other upcoming goals include:

  • Development of a nOS Mobile Client
  • Relaunch of the nOSNet TestNet;
  • Research papers describing the nOS application voting system
  • Competitions for nOS developers and designers

The update announcement can be read in full at the following link: