On November 16th, NEO Global Development (NGD) released the latest version of the NEO-CLI client v2.9.2, featuring updates that aim to improve node performance and help manage network congestion. The main improvements include updates to the Akka implementation, and the implementation of the new priority transaction system. In the new system, transactions with an attached fee lower than 0.001 GAS will be treated the same as free transactions.

On November 14th, Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin announced its series A round of funding, of which US$20,000,000 was raised from IDG Capital, Matriculates Partners and NEO Global Capital.

Community Development

On November 12th, City of Zion (CoZ) launched Neon Wallet V2, which features a new UI design, bug fixes and additional features. Neon Wallet was one of the very first CoZ projects, started by Ethan Fast to provide NEO users with an alternative to neo-gui, which required users to synchronize a full copy of the blockchain.

On November 13th, NEO-ONE was launched by the creators of NEO-ONE is a new end-to-end smart contract framework that aims to make it easy for users to create dApps on the NEO platform, and supports smart contract development in TypeScript. In addition, NEO-ONE includes documentation and course material to simplify the learning process.

NEO-ONE also held an introduction workshop in Seattle on November 14th.

On November 16th, NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its bi-weekly report covering early November. The report outlines the development progress on various NEL projects, such as its NEL block explorer, web-based smart contract debugger, BlaCat game development platform, ZoroChain gaming sidechain, and CryptoGladiator game.

NNT Catch Up

NEO News Today published an overview on the winners of the Zürich NEO Hackathon held on November 3rd & 4th. The Zürich event was a 32-hour sprint that was to be designed around “identity” as the focus of the competition.

NEO News Today published an introduction to Keymakers, a new NEO community that has been founded in Japan to provide an easier on-ramp for developers that wish to get involved with blockchain and the NEO ecosystem.

NEO News Today published an overview of Da Hongfei’s interview with Neanda Salvaterra of the Wall Street Journal at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Over the course of an eighteen-minute conversation, the two covered a variety of topics related to blockchain, banks, government regulation, and the NEO platform.


On November 12th, Red Pulse released its bi-weekly report for the end of October and first half of November. Highlights include the final post in the Gig Economy series, a new exchange listing, media coverage, and upcoming event attendance.

On November 13th, WandX announced the completion of its WandNEO (WANDN) token distribution. WandX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) currently operating on Ethereum, but is in its TestNet phase for enabling a single desktop app to trade on both the Ethereum and NEO blockchains. Existing WAND token holders received WANDN at a 1:1 ratio. Additionally, if participants signed up for and installed the WandX desktop application, they received an additional 300 WANDN.

On November 13th, Zeepin released CryptoGalaxy v1.6. The new version includes ZPT token withdrawal functionality, P2P planet trading, new in-game assets, robot and spaceship upgrades, and more minor changes. CryptoGalaxy is a game that allows players to buy unique planets and mine them for ‘minerals’ that can be converted into GALA, the game’s native currency.

On November 14th, PikcioChain announced an update to its mobile wallet for Android devices, and an upcoming developers workshop in Paris, France. The Wallet updates include functionality with regards to token sale and identity features. PikcioChain’s Blockchain Architecture and PikcioChain Discovery workshop will be held on November 29th.

On November 15th, Thor announced that it had partnered with M Group Health to bring access to individual healthcare plans in time for open enrolment. An updated timeline for access to group-plan health insurance was also provided.

On November 15th, DeepBrain Chain announced it had closed a 1,000,000,000 RMB deal ($144,000,000 USD) with Dragon AI Cloud Computing for the purchase of 10,000 DMC AI miners during 2019.

Phantasma made a string of announcements including the availability of its MVP mailing app dMail and the development of a stablecoin for its ecosystem. Phantasma also released an overview of its token distribution economics and announced that the Nachomen referral staking bonus had been reduced down to 25%.

Upcoming Events

November 30th – NEO Blockchain Meetup – St Petersburg