O3 Labs and Alchemint have announced they are teaming up to airdrop 250,000 SDT tokens to users of the O3 mobile wallet.

Alchemint is a stable coin project under development on the NEO blockchain. The coin will be pegged to fiat currency and seeks to create an easy-to-use bridge between digital assets and traditional finance.

In recent months O3 Labs has improving its app as it shifts from being a wallet to the “O3 marketplace” which will allow users to “explore and participate in the NEO ecosystem.” These updates have included the ability to participate in token sales, support for the Ontology blockchain, and the implementation of NEP-9 functionality to enable QR codes and payments. Future versions will also include a “dApp browser”, with more information to be revealed in the coming weeks.

The Alchemint airdrop is the first of O3 exclusive airdrops that were teased in its May report.

To register for the airdrop, users must download the O3 app on iOS or Android and visit the News Feed. A sign up page is available where users can register to participate. At least 25 NEO must be held in the registrants O3 wallet, with a snapshot taken at 2:00am CT on July 12th.

The first 5,000 registrants will receive an airdrop of 50 SDT per wallet / user / device.

The O3 app can be downloaded on iOS from the App Store here, and on Android from the Google Play Store here.

More information on O3 and Alchemint can be found below.