O3 Labs and Flamingo Finance are co-hosting an upcoming Ask Me Anything event and offering FLM rewards for participants. The AMA will begin at 1:00 pm (UTC) on Wednesday, November 4th, in the #o3-ama channel of the Flamingo Finance Discord server. Topics of discussion in the AMA will likely focus on new features in the O3 Wallet and Flamingo Finance’s next steps.

Participants can either leave a question in the O3 Labs Twitter announcement thread or ask them directly in the Discord channel during the AMA.

O3 Labs is offering a total rewards pool of 630 FLM to community members who participate in the AMA and meet the eligibility rules of three separate rewards categories.

First, O3 Labs will choose the top two questions from Twitter and the top two questions from the #o3-ama thread, and reward each user with 20 FLM. To be eligible for the Twitter rewards, participants must leave a question in the anouncement thread, follow O3 Labs and Flamingo Finance, and like, retweet, and tag a “crypto influencer.” Each participant is allowed to submit up to two questions.

Second, during the AMA event, O3 Labs and Flamingo Finance will reward five users with 20 FLM each for submitting a question related to O3 or Flamingo. Each participant is allowed to submit up to two questions.

Lastly, for three days following the AMA, there will be a meme contest rewarding a pool of 200 FLM to be split among “all who post [memes in O3 Labs’] Telegram.” O3 Labs urges participants to submit GIF format memes about O3, Flamingo, or Neo. O3 Labs states they’ll reward an additional 50 FLM to the top five submissions.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: