Neo founder, Da Hongfei, joined Nash’s Beyond the Chain podcast to discuss how decentralized finance has entered a new era as digital currencies increasingly become an internationally accepted product. Da and Nash co-founder and chief business officer, Fabio Canesin, shared their perspectives on the current wave of DeFi and how they’re navigating its waters.

Ankr, a distributed cloud computing platform, announced support for Neo blockchain nodes. The integration provides an easy way for developers and enterprise customers to access the Neo network and connect it to their own applications.

Flamingo Finance added a new analytics page to offer information on the 24-hour volume and total volume of tokens staked.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted Neo Economy and GhostMarket founder, Vincent Geneste, on Byzant, a series by NNT, providing access to insider perspectives from knowledgeable individuals in the Neo ecosystem and broader blockchain industry. In this week’s feature, NNT spoke with Geneste about the recent rise in popularity of non-fungible tokens and the different forms they end up taking on different platforms.

Developer Groups

AxLabs joined the NNT podcast to discuss Neo Playground, a project that aims to lower the barrier to entry for new developers within the Neo ecosystem. Neo Playground is a VS Code-based Neo IDE and node that runs entirely in the browser. AxLabs senior software engineers, Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado and Claude Muller, talked about the neow3j suite of tools and paving the path to mainstream blockchain use through improving the developer experience.

Neo Research published an academic article, A MILP Model for a Byzantine Fault Tolerant Blockchain Consensus, in the MDPI scientific publication.

NEXT updated the NeoLine mobile wallet for iOS and Android in preparation for Neo3.

O3 Labs updated the desktop NeoLine wallet to v3.4.15, allowing users to edit GAS fees for Flamingo Finance.


October 26th, QLC Chain token (QLC) listed on the HotBit custodial exchange with QLC/USDT and QLC/BTC markets.

October 28th, Switcheo and O3 Labs held an AMA on Switcheo’s official Discord channel. Switcheo CEO, Ivan Poon, and O3 Labs community managers, Caroline and Sophy, joined the AMA to discuss how O3 Labs is building infrastructure for Neo3 and Switcheo’s progress on its derivatives exchange.

October 28th, Nash released a Python SDK that allows users to trade on its non-custodial exchange and other OpenLimits compatible exchanges. 

October 29th, Switcheo co-founder and CEO, Ivan Poon, joined the Zilliqa Podcast to talk about non-custodial exchanges, automated market makers, Switcheo’s TradeHub, and more.

October 30th, QLC Chain received approval to develop a standard for the Metro Ethernet Forum’s distributed ledger technology-based commercial and operational service framework for billing. The project proposal was the result of a MEF incubation group initiated by QLC Chain.

October 30th, Nash co-founder, Fabio Canesin, joined the Upblock podcast to talk about non-custodial services.

October 30th, Nash released the fourth week’s results of top traders in its beta liquidity mining program.

October 30th, Nash released an abridged update noting better subscription for order books, and requiring 2FA for API keys creation.

October 30th, PubNooks announced it seeks to bring two “self-taught” application developers on board. The positions are listed as intern level, with “potential for future employment maintaining the application.” The first position will be responsible for various tasks such as portal integration, screen redesigns and adjustments, graphics development, table developments, plus more. The second position will assist in deploying the PubNooks platform to Google’s cloud.

Token Listings

QLC Chain (QLC) listed on HotBit custodial exchange.


November 4th: O3 Labs and Flamingo Finance AMA.

December 9th – 12th: NeoFS to speak at SmartData data engineering conference.