O3 Labs, a Japan-based development group offering wallet software and a block explorer for the NEO blockchain, has announced an update to its desktop and mobile wallets. Several new features are included in the update, including a “decentralized inbox,” easier management of a watch address group, a referral campaign for the O3 credit card gateway, and multiple bug fixes.

Decentralized Inbox

O3 has created an “inbox” where its users can choose to receive notifications about watch addresses, updates from O3, and NEO blockchain statistics from the NEO Economy project. More authorized publishers will be added in the future.

O3 wallet inbox

Watch Addresses

O3’s new layout has also further streamlined the process of managing and supervising a group of NEO wallets by placing them on a new page, “My Wallets.”

O3 wallet management

Referral Campaign

O3 Labs is incentivizing users to create referrals to their credit card payment processor. The program will award referrals with 1 percent of credit card purchases in GAS. Personalised referral codes are linked to user wallets and can be found in the app.

O3 Labs notes, “To keep things simple, your referral code is your wallet address.” Privacy-minded users are encouraged to create a new wallet in O3 “just for accepting payments and sharing.”

O3 Labs has previously recognized that credit card purchases generally result in higher fees (over 10% of exchange spot price at time of writing), and that a “Phase 2” of the O3 fiat gateway aims to reduce costs in the future.

Bug Fixes

Finally, a roster of improvements went live with the update. Improvements include encrypted key export, high-resolution mobile display support, dAPI updates, and performance improvements.

The full O3 Wallet update announcement can be viewed at the following link: