O3 Labs has announced that it is are giving back 100% of commissions received on all referred NEO purchases made using a credit card. O3 Labs’ fiat gateway went live in March 2019, allowing users to purchase NEO directly with a Visa or MasterCard through the O3 Wallet.

O3 wallet users will be able to find their referral codes in the Settings section of the desktop or mobile applications. All credit card purchases of NEO made with a referral code will have commissions refunded in a 50/50 split between the purchaser and referrer.

Further, users who share their referral code through social media will be entered into a monthly draw for GAS rewards. According to O3 Labs, “every time someone buys NEO using your referral link, you and your friend will get 1% GAS back from the purchase.”

Looking forward, O3 Labs states they “will be making some improvements in the near future, making [the O3 fiat gateway] better, cheaper, and [offering] more options!”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: