NEO partnered with VIBEHub, a virtual and augmented reality marketplace that services the gaming industry and its communities. Through the partnership, VIBE aims to integrate GAS/NEO into the gaming platform, beginning with its crypto first-person shooter, “VIBE or DIE,” slated to launch in September. The two will also conduct a competition where the winning player will receive US $5,000.

NEO Global Development (NGD) hosted its fourth English NEO LIVE Ask Me Anything (AMA) event on Thursday, August 15th, with Janet Jiang, Cobo Wallet’s global marketing director. In the AMA, Jiang discussed Cobo’s business model, NEO and GAS integration into the Cobo Wallet, its receptiveness to working with NEO-based dApps, and more.

NGD hosted its ninth Chinese NEO LIVE AMA event on Thursday, August 15th, with Tian Haowen from Blockchain Cuties Universe China. The conversation was themed “the journey of pet nurturance in dApp game,” where Tian outlined the reasons Blockchain Cuties selected the NEO blockchain and the release of the games newest characters.

NGD released its eighth video in the LOVE NEO series, with guest DgameMaker founder Chaoyi Qian, hosted by NGD associate manager Nikkor Wang and NEO development engineer Longfei Wang. DgameMaker seeks to reduce barriers for traditional game developers looking to build with blockchain by offering a complete front-end, back-end, and database implementation.

Da Hongfei delivered a presentation at the Bloconomic Expo 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the clip, Da discusses NEO3’s mission and changes to NEO 2.x, which includes updates to the NEO architecture, layering, consensus, functionality, and security.

On August 20th, NEO founder Da Hongfei will participate in a live YouTube AMA event on the Infinito live feed alongside Infinito founder Jack Nguyen.

NGD‘s second NEO JOY 2019 conference is taking place on Saturday, August 24th. The theme of the second NEO JOY 2019 event is “DeFi Application Scenarios and Value Capture.” At the event, FutureDAO founder Liu Yongxin is delivering a speech entitled “How DAICO Helps Independent Gaming Raise Funds.”

NNT Catchup

Jarvis+ released measurements of growth in one partner’s online community, progressed in WeChat service development, and announced a variety of partnerships. In June. Jarvis+ partnered with TrueChain to offer its Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) and grow the community through a bounty campaign. As a result of using the ICP, Jarvis+ reports that TrueChain’s Telegram channel grew by more than 15,000 members, and their Twitter account grew by 5,000 members.

Developer Groups

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its bi-weekly update, which included upgrades to NEORAY v2.0, various organizational improvements to the NELScan block explorer, and noted that development efforts focused primarily on the FutureDAO contract and front-end.


August 12th, Nash Exchange announced it will host an AMA through the CryptoDiffer Twitter page. Community members were requested to ask questions using the #NASH_CryptoDiffer_AMA hashtag. The answers are tentatively planned to be delivered on August 20th.

August 13th, Switcheo announced improved and simplified support for O3 desktop wallet users following its implementation of the NEO dAPI standard. With the O3 desktop wallet running in the background, it’s no longer necessary for users to navigate through the wallet’s dApp interface to access Switcheo.

August 13th, Endorsit announced it will change its logo in the coming weeks.

August 13th, SEA Wallet integrated support for Ontology’s OEP-4 token standard. The SEA Wallet is available for web, desktop, iOS, and Android applications.

August 13th, Novem conducted its fist Reddit AMA event, with CTO Christoph Klocker and COO Fouad Soultana. Along with hosting the AMA, Novem announced it is planning to open its first gold store in Linz, Austria. The team also states that it has signed Novem’s first exchange listing agreement, with further information to be released nearer to the listing date.

August 13th, QLC Chain announced an upcoming hackathon on coordination with Opacity Storage, a private cloud storage solution. The hackathon will focus on two tracks, bridging Confidant account and station storage with Opacity.

August 14th, Narrative has announced a delay in the vote for Tribunal members, as well as noting features prioritized for development. The team is planning its launch of the Publications channel in September. Following the release, Narrative will focus on building and refining in-app notifications among other improvements.

August 14th, Travala announced a new partnership with Priceline. The partnership offers Travala access to a more extensive inventory of hotels, and the potential future integration of “major rental car brands, major/low-cost airlines, and dynamic vacation packages.”

August 15th, QLC Chain updated its desktop wallet to v1.0.1, which includes improvements to connection stability, ledger syncing, and consensus.

August 15th, Trinity released its bi-weekly report, which highlighted improvements to real-time updates of state channel information, automatic identification of the network type through the NEO-GUI, and channel transaction signature verification.

August 15th, Nash Exchange announced it will be moving its monthly updates from Medium to its self-hosted Nash blog. Nash’s Medium blog will remain online, but will no longer receive maintenance.

August 15th, FutureDAO released its bi-weekly report for the first half of August. The report highlights the development of FutureDAO v1.0, which is tentatively expected to be completed by the end of August. Areas of development included the server section, front-end, and contract code for the dual token bonding curve-based financing model.

Token Listings

QGAS listed on Cybex exchange.


August 20th: Da Hongfei AMA – Infinito AMA.

August 20th: NEO meetup – Berlin, Germany.

August 29th: NEO Colorado meetup – Denver, US.