Ontology has opened the opened the application process for the second round of Triones seed node candidacy where 16 new nodes will be enlisted, bringing the total to 44 seed nodes. Ontology’s first round of seed node application selection ended on July 18th, 2018, where 28 nodes were admitted with a total of 14.39 million staked ONT tokens.

The recruitment window for the second round of seed node applications has been open since October 15th, and will close on November 8th. To meet Ontology requirements, seed node applicants must have a stake of at least 200,000 ONT (whereas it was 100,000 for the last batch), meet the software and hardware network environment requirements, complete an application questionnaire, and pass ONT ID verification.

The Triones seed node incentive program aims to encourage node hosts beyond the basic network fees rewards. In its incentive program, nodes are rewarded an additional fixed 1% ONG from Ontology, on a per year basis for the first three years.

Ontology will also be hosting another round of node application submissions for its consensus nodes, with more details expected to be released at the end of October of 2018.

Seed nodes applicants can register directly through the Ontology official website link below:


For more information about Ontology visit the links below.

Written by Vincent Geneste.