Ontology has announced the last seven teams to be selected for the final Triones Seed Node Candidate list. NEO News Today coverage of the previous candidate list can be viewed here. As of the recent release, the top 3 candidates from each of the previous seven candidate groups have been recruited.

Following the first round search for candidates, Ontology held a second round for node candidates to apply. Nodes (and their grouping) that have been approved for the Triones Candidates list include:

  1. ZEECHAIN (Asia 2)
  2. CloudDesk (Asia 2)
  3. Collider (Europe)
  4. Avocado (Oceania)
  5. Blockchain Global Limited (Oceania)
  6. HZF Web (North America)
  7. Crypto World (Oceania)

With the conclusion of the Triones Node Candidate search, a total of 47 teams have applied, 28 nodes have been admitted and are currently listed. Node candidates are spread over six continents, and a total of 14.39 million ONT has been staked.

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