QLC Chain recently released its bi-weekly report, highlighting project news and developments. QLC Chain is a decentralized Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform built on the NEO blockchain that aims to provide Wi-Fi and virtual private network (VPN) access.


The WinQ decentralized application (dApp) is the platform that incentivizes participants to share access to Wi-Fi and VPN with others in return for QLC token compensation. On July 9th, the beta WinQ dApp launched on the iOS App Store, and is searchable as “WinQ VPN.” As with the Android launch, 100 TestNet QLC will be given to new users who download the dApp, that can be used to connect to any VPN.

Meetings with Developers

On July 3rd, QLC Chain was visited by Pindar Wong. Pindar is the chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd, chairman of the Belt and Road Blockchain Consortium, and sits on the board of CoinDesk. Additionally, he co-founded the first licensed internet service provider in Hong Kong in 1993.

Pindar and the QLC Chain team discussed many topics such as: how to tokenize IPv6 through the QLC blockchain, IPv4 address exhaustion of the 4.3 billion available addresses, and the potential to incentivize IPv6 deployment with Shannon Consensus. At the China Internet Conference held on July 10th, a topic of discussion surrounded the Chinese government’s emphasis on the IPv6 network standard, and its ability to provide more addresses and upgrade the internet protocol (IP) infrastructure.

In the second week of July, Dan Kolkowitz, visited with with QLC team members: Allen Li, chief architect; Owen Wang, core developer, and; Chris Zhao, core developer;  to discuss network security solutions. The group developed an outline for a secure on-demand service built on top of QLC Chain. Details and specifications are to be released in the near future.

QLC Chain Event Participation

On June 22nd, Susan Zhou participated on a panel discussion at the 2018 Finance Disrupted Asia conference hosted by The Economist. “The Unbreakable Chain” was the topic of the panel. 

On July 9th, 10th, and 11th, key QLC Chain team members hosted three separate video conferences with QLC token holders. QLC Chain was able to share the project-vision as well as short and medium term goals. Feedback was also received regarding community management and the creation of an action plan.

Those interested in participating in future QLC Chain video conferences can register at the following link for email notifications:


Additionally, two rounds of Yellow Paper Quizzes were held to encourage the community to learn more about QLC Chain and its underlying technology. The first quiz attracted 96 participants, and the second 70 participants. To view answers from the second quiz, visit the following link:


QLC Chain Launches a Podcast

QLC Chain launched a podcast in an effort to keep the community more informed with industry, QLC updates, hot topics of the week, and Blockchain 101. The team aims to launch a new episode every Friday.

Click the following link to listen to the QLC Chain podcast:


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