Ontology recently announced a partnership with Spuul, a video platform that provides 60 million users the ability to stream, download, and watch over 10,000 hours of Bollywood movies. Additionally, Ontology has released v1.0.2 of its MainNet.

Spuul Partnership

The Ontology and Spuul partnership aims to develop a decentralized application (dApp) called “Spokkz,” which will focus on content delivery and distribution. The Spokkz dApp will be focused on providing content accessibility to underserved markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. Spuul aims to connect these underserved markets directly with media producers in a way that will allow consumers to “support narratives that tell the stories they find meaningful” through the use of the Spokkz token.

The partnership is part of Ontology’s “real economy strategy,” which focuses on building connections between the traditional economy and distributed digital systems, without the need for complex processes and technologies.

Spuul will work to develop Spokkz using Ontology’s blockchain infrastructure and its industry insights to create a product with use cases for the content industry. Additionally, Spokks will adopt ONT ID (Ontology’s distributed identity framework) for the platforms user identity needs.

On the partnership, Subin Subaiah, founder of Spokkz, said “Ontology’s Trust system and Spokkz’s decentralized content creation and content viewing is truly a marriage of two significant players who are committed to the decentralized economy.”

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For more information about Spokkz visit their website, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, or Medium.

Ontology v1.0.2

The recent release of Ontology MainNet v1.0.2 is an optional upgrade, though it has several improvements listed in the GitHub repository. Notable improvements in the upgrade include a sync speed upgrade to seven minutes; down from a one to two hour average.

In the update, several requests were pulled and committed, which include new features, several optimizations, documentation edits and improvements, bug fixes, and security fixes.

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