PikcioChain, a distributed platform for individuals and organisations to exchange personal data, has announced that registration for its Hubble Challenge Hackathon is now open.

Registration for the hackathon will be open until the 5th of September, with the actual event taking place on the 6th to the 25th of the same month.

The goal of the hackathon is to “help build [PikcioChain’s] developer community and to encourage development on the PikcioChain platform,” according to a separate announcement issued earlier this month.

There will be prizes up for grabs in PKC and all developers are welcome to participate.

The prize pool will consist of 40,000 PKC distributed to the best contributions, decided by contributor votes. Each contributor in the competition will vote for another contributor’s entry and the teams with the most votes will win the prizes. Additionally, there will be a special prize for the most innovative idea chosen by PikcioChain’s CTO, Dr Jorick Lartigau.

The prize schedule is set out as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 14,000 PKC
  • 2nd Prize: 8,000 PKC
  • 3rd Prize: 6,000 PKC
  • 4th Prize: 4,000 PKC
  • Special Jorick Prize: 8,000 PKC

There are four main themes that developers can submit entries for: Proof of Usage, UI/UX, SDK/Libraries, and dApps. You can read more about these themes here.

To register, participants must fill out a form here and join the Hubble discord using this link.

More information on PikcioChain can be found at the links below.