A recent announcement by Dean van Dugteren, founder of the virtual operating system nOS, has confirmed the deployment of over 60 dApps to the nOSNet. These applications can all be tested by users of the nOS client, which can be downloaded here.

nOS currently runs on desktop, with mobile support planned in the future, and functions like a web browser and app store combination. The project aims to make it safe and easy for consumers to start using decentralized applications, and features an automatic GAS to NEP-5 conversion to prevent users needing to buy and trade different tokens to use different applications. 

The news arrived following the conclusion of nOS’s Developers’ Event, which was designed to encourage developers to build and deploy functional, proof-of-concept applications to the nOS TestNet. With over 60 functional dApps, nOS claim this makes it one of the largest dApp ecosystems in the world. The developers who participated in the event are granted Tier 1 pre-sale access, but those looking to join the pre-sale still have a chance at gaining Tier 2 access by submitting a well documented, open-source dApp to the nOS platform.

The announcement also provided examples of the dApps currently accessible using the nOS client. These include the voting platform Voteo, a messenger app called NeoChat and a full-stack ticket and event management platform known as SmartT. NEO News Today has previously interviewed Asif Raza, the creator of SmartT, which can be found here. Those interested in developing their own dApps using the nOS client are recommended to start using the documentation available here.

Information on how to contribute to the nOS public sale can be found at this link.

More information on nOS can be found at the links below.