Phantasma Chain, a blockchain focusing on content distribution and data storage, has launched its standalone Phantasma Chain TestNet as well as a block explorer. Phantasma Chain has airdropped all currently existing Phantasma public addresses with TestNet SOUL tokens to allow its users to test the infrastructure (no cash value). Users who would like to obtain a Phantasma TestNet public address may do so by opening an account for Phantasma’s Nacho Men turn-based game, or by using Phantasma’s web wallet software.

Phantasma has published a guide to the operation of its Phantasma Web Wallet for newer users. In addition, Phantasma Chain has warned users NOT to send its NEP-5 SOUL tokens on the NEO blockchain to wallets on the Phantasma Chain TestNet.

Phantasma Explorer

Phantasma has released a fully featured block explorer to support its TestNet. The explorer contains price listings for Phantasma trading markets as well as a block listing and transaction history. In addition, the ALMA token, which is the tentative name for Phantasma’s recently announced stablecoin, can also be seen on Phantasma’s token list.

Phantasma Chain has announced that “more updates to our TestNet” are coming, and that “If required, the testnet might reset to block 0”. According to Phantasma Chain, the TestNet “will mainly be interesting for developers who want to build something”, and an SDK supporting the C# programming language is planned.

Phantasma Chain’s full announcement can be viewed at the following link: