APEX Technologies CEO Jimmy Hu was recently awarded the 2018 China Business Innovation CEO award in Beijing, China. The APEX blockchain infrastructure aims to provide consumer internet and business-to-customer (B2C) interactions with privacy and ownership of data, interactive consumer experiences, and a connectivity of value. To date, APEX Technologies has provided data-driven solutions for over 300 enterprise customers, including Maserati, Starbucks, and Bank of China.

Business Innovation Award

Jimmy Hu attended the 2018 Chinese Enterprise Internet CEO Summit and received the 2018 China Business Innovation CEO award. The summit sought to gather leaders in the broader internet industry and discuss undergoing industry changes.

Candidates for the award were publicly nominated, reviewed by industry experts, and voted on. Voting criteria included “outstanding performance in influencing and promoting the industry, research and innovation, business management, and the CEOs’ global vision.”

APEX Technologies was highlighted for its “enterprise data mining suite of products that combines Big Data, AI, and blockchain technology to focus on large companies in various verticals ([such as] finance, automotive, travel, retail, e-commerce etc).”

The announcement from APEX found at the below link:

World Internet Conference

APEX Technologies also recently attended the 5th World Internet Conference in Whuzen, China.

The 5th World Internet Conference was a conglomeration of businesses and individuals seeking to learn how technological innovation can create value for businesses. At the event, 19 forums were held and focused on current internet development trends. Such topics included “artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, digital silk roads, and other important scientific and technological research results.”

Tiger Yang, COO of APEX Technologies, provided a speech on the topic of big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Through example use cases, Yang “showcased the achievements of APEX Technologies, such as big data, AI, blockchain and other core technologies, and promoted customer marketing and customer experience enhancement.”

APEX’s report on the event can be found at the below link: