On November 19th, the decentralized workforce and project management platform Moonlight released a report covering progress it made during October and November. The report discusses the revised roadmap that was recently released, and provides updates and context for roadmap items.

The report predominantly focuses on Copernicus, which has now entered the product development stage, with a release intended for the near future. Copernicus is the working title given to Moonlight’s project management tools.

Traditional hiring practices require individuals to present a customized subset of their professional experience when applying for a position, however current social platforms used for networking and hiring typically only support a single, unfocused perspective of a candidate’s experience. Copernicus aims to improve management of professional identities by allowing an individual’s professional experience to be presented in a more tailored manner.

Copernicus will also aim to provide verification for professional identities to ensure that they are trustworthy and accurate. This is particularly important in a decentralized work environment, where fake profiles and scams are frequently encountered. According to the report, a deep dive on the Copernicus architecture is planned for the near future.

The recruitment portal, designated as Kepler, has now entered the planning phase. Kepler will focus on creation of the marketplace, and ties into various social aspects of the platform. The development of Kepler will be incremental, and aims to provide trustless resumes, flexible payment options and a matchmaking engine.

The report also provided further context for Constellation, an initiative created to design and implement a digital identity system. Unlike the other roadmap items, the Constellation initiative is “driven by a consortium of stakeholders in the [NEO] ecosystem.”

More information on Constellation is planned for release over the coming months.