Alphacat, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency forecast marketplace has expanded its ACAT Store to 24 offerings. The increase is due to 18 new third-party applications in November that followed Alphacat’s October addition of a third-party listing system.

ACAT Store

10 products are now available in the previously empty “Trading Tools” section of Alphacat’s mobile-focused ACAT Store. Gunbot, the established automated cryptocurrency trading bot, as well as newly launched projects Dropil (automated cryptocurrency trading bots) and Peculium (an AI-enhanced cryptocurrency savings management tool) are all offering their products through Alphacat.

Other notable tools that are now available include sentiment analysis from, and Bitfinex margin lending information from Datamish.

Market Forecasts

Alphacat’s six in-house cryptocurrency price forecasts are still present, and development has continued on Alphacat’s machine learning algorithms that support its flagship products. Alphacat reports work on improving its price forecasts in complex market conditions, as well as being able to ignore “false market conditions” and more quickly react to significant changes in the markets.

By signing up for the store with an email address, users still receive three free short-term forecasts every day for each of the BTC, XRP, ETH, EOS, ADA, and NEO cryptocurrencies.

Alphacat’s early November update can be read in full at the following link: