NKN, a United States-based project which is building a decentralized network to transmit data, has announced a “1-click” GUI miner in its latest project update. The new miner is now available for Windows as well as the Linux and MacOS platforms. NKN’s GUI miner is designed to streamline the installation and management of NKN nodes, which contribute bandwidth to NKN’s public TestNet.

NKN TestNet

Meanwhile, progress has continued on NKN’s TestNet since v0.5 “Koala” was released at the beginning of November. Iterative development has continued to v0.5.3, and bug fixes have targeted communications between nodes, as well as transaction logic.

NKN’s public TestNet stands at over 2,300 nodes, down from an all-time high of 5,878 nodes. NKN clams that with a count of 100 NKN nodes run by the team, over 95% of the test nodes are run by the NKN community.

NKN dMessenger Competition

In addition, NKN has placed a bounty of 100,000 NKN as a grand prize in a competition for programmers to port an open-source messaging app to NKN. NKN is looking for teams to port an app with at least 500 daily active users in order to qualify for the prize.

Bluzelle / NKN / NOIA Network / Portal Network Meetups

Finally, NKN CTO Yilun Zhang will be speaking at two network-focused events at the end of November in NKN’s home state of California. NKN is inviting developers, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts to attend the discussions about “the why’s and how’s of building future Web 3.0 applications”.

The events will be held on November 29th, 2018 in Palo Alto, CA, and the following day, November 30th, in San Francisco, CA. The events are ticketed, and registration is free.

NKN’s full project update can be viewed at the following link: