Singapore-based Jarvis+, who aims to create a “decentralized conversation platform” offering translation-as-a-service, language bots, and smart contract creation with natural language, has outlined its latest R&D and marketing developments in its 17th weekly report.

Research and Development

Work has focused on Jarvis+’s new deep learning system, with a completed configuration planned for next week, to be followed by model construction and debugging. In addition, a voting management system has entered development, and the results of the Jarvis+ Mascot Design Contest will be announced soon.

Community and Marketing

Jarvis+ co-founder Dean Gao spoke at the first annual Bytom Global DevCon in Hangzhou, China. In addition, Jarvis+ participated in the DoraHacks Blockchain Hack in Japan earlier in the month. At the Tokyo-based event, also attended by the Keymakers NEO developer community, Jarvis+ says that it “guided the development of hackers and the development of business models in the AI ​​and blockchain.”

Jarvis+ also continues to run and refine its Group Quiz Game and UEFA Champions League betting game, as well as its associated conversation robots, on the Telegram messaging application.

The full Jarvis+ weekly report can be viewed at the following link: