QLC Chain has published its latest bi-weekly report, which highlights development updates and its partnership with Montnets Group. QLC Chain aims to become a next-generation public blockchain for Network as a Service (NaaS), where its users can become service providers or network operators.

QLC Chain completed a number of tasks during the reporting period of November 3rd through 18th, including: implementation of a business interface to its ledger, implementation of P2P node data synchronization, completion of the the VM complex structure read and write interface, and basic function migration of its server router.

Looking forward, the team will plans to work on P2P and ledger joint adjustments, a wallet business interface, delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus and multi-signature implementation, and smart contract interface definition and implementation.

With regards to its partnership with Montnets Group, QLC Chain states a belief that its Multidimensional Block Lattice structure can handle its 2 billion SMS messages per year on its public blockchain. QLC Chain aims to improve the  transparency and trustworthiness of agreements between service providers, telcos, and other related parties through use of its blockchain NaaS.

The full report can be found at the link below: