Phantasma has released its MVP mail dApp on Android. Phantasma is a content distribution and storage platform that uses blockchain to increase security and privacy.

The Phantasma MVP functions as a mailing application, allowing messages to be transmitted between Phantasma users. Although the app is not yet compatible with traditional email, future versions will support POP3 and IMAP.

The MVP features inbox, compose, sent and wallet functionality. To use the app, it will first need to be downloaded from the APK link located in this post and installed on an Android device. Users can log in with their NEO wallet and create a ‘Box name”, which will be the displayed username for sending and receiving email.

Whilst the dApp is currently running on the NEO MainNet, it will eventually move to Phantasma Protocol’s own blockchain.

Phantasma plan to release a software development kid (SDK) that will allow developers to build their own dApps using the protocol. Phantasma are “sure that the community will come up with crazy and innovative new ways of implementing different functions and actions within their apps built on the Phantasma platform”.

Screenshots of the MVP can be found below.


Inbox / Compose / Sent


The full MVP announcement can be found at the link below.

Phantasma was one of the winners of the first ever City of Zion dApp competition, and recently completed its SOUL token sale.

More information on Phantasma can be found at the links below.